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Make A Plan

Start preparing a plan for you and your family today. Families aren't always together when a disaster strikes, so spend some time understanding which type of disasters could affect your area. Discuss a meeting location that's familiar with everyone and easy to find.

Things to Discuss with your Family

  • How will we receive emergency alerts and warnings? 

  • What is our shelter plan?

  • What is our evacuation route when disaster strikes?

  • What is our communication plan?

Specific Needs for your Household

When getting your disaster plan together be sure to include all the specific needs for your family. Talk about everyone's responsibilities and how each individual can assist each other. You can talk about communication, care for the children, pets, medicine, or special equipment. Here are some things to consider:

  • The difference in age groups of the family

  • Responsibilities for helping each other

  • Dietary Needs

  • Medical equipment or prescriptions

  • Disabilities

  • Pets

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