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Active Shooter

This page should help you identify the signs of potential violence around you, and what you can expect after an active shooting takes place. Remember:


Stay Informed with the Situation

First thing you should consider is to sign up for any active shooter training that might be available. If you see anything out of the ordinary, contact an authority right away. Always be aware of your environment and any possible dangers that might exist. This can significantly help any situation that might arise.

What to Expect During an Active Shooting

RUN and try to escape if its possible. When you find yourself in an active shooter situation, getting away from the shooter should be the first thing to consider. Do NOT worry about your belongings, leave them behind and get away. If there are others near you, try to help them escape regardless if they agree to follow you. When you make it to safety, warn anyone near by so they do not enter any area where the shooter might be. Lastly, cal 911 when you are in a safe place. Try and describe the shooter, the location of the shooter, and any weapons they might be carrying. 


If escape is not possible, HIDE. You want to get out of the shooters view and stay as quiet as you possibly can. Turn off your electronic devices so they cannot make any sound, including vibrations. Lock any doors and try to block them if possible. Close the blinds and turn off the lights. Do not hide in groups, spread out along the walls or hide separately. The goal is to try and make it as difficult for the shooter as possible. If there are any authorities near by, try and communicate with them silently. You can try and contact them with text message, social media, or put up a sign on any visible window. DO not try and leave until the authorities has cleared the area.

You can try to FIGHT, but it should be the absolute last resort. You must commit to your actions and be as aggressive as possible against the shooter. Try and recruit anyone near by to ambush the shooter with any makeshift weapons (chairs, books, scissors, etc.). Try and cause lethal or severe injury to the shooter.

After and Active Shooting

When they authorities are on the scene, keep your hands visible and empty. It is the authorities first task to end the incident and they might have to pass the injured along the way. The authorities can be armed with rifles, shotguns, pepper spray or tear gas to try and control the situation. They will also be shouting commands and pushing individuals to the floor, do your best to follow their instructions. Be sure to take care of your self first and then you can try to help any wounded individuals. Turn them to their sides and keep them warm until the first responders arrive. Lastly, try and seek some professional help for you and your family after the situation. This can help you cope with any long-term effects of the trauma you have incurred.

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